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Participants in the Discovery program sell professional pest control services. Our Sales Representatives work on a rising production-based pay scale. The more you sell, the more you earn!

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BeFunky_Kurt Hackenberger.jpg

Kurt Hackenberger

School: Queen's University
2014 Office: Bay Area, California and Texas

1st Year Rep

When looking back on my summer there’s one thing that really stands out, and that’s the experience itself. Every single experience that I had throughout the summer was a mosaic of the people, the environment and the job. Coming out of first-year university there were no real opportunities in the corporate world for a kid… Read more »

BeFunky_N Ramirez.jpg

Nathalie Ramirez

School: Western University - Ivey School of Business
2014 Office: Corpus Christie, TX

1st Year Rep

Let’s be honest; moving to California to sell pest control, not knowing anyone, and being away from your “everyday” life for 4 months is crazy. But the kind of crazy you’ll never regret! Discovery Summer Sales has provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime, financially and personally. This job is perfectly described through the… Read more »

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